Wrongful Death

What is Wrongful Death?

A Wrongful Death Lawsuit arises out of the loss of a life as a result of another’s negligent or deliberate behavior.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Under Georgia law, only certain individuals may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. According to Georgia's wrongful death statutes, only the following relatives may recover compensation for a victim's death:

  • The victim's spouse
  • Children of the deceased (if there is no spouse)
  • Parents of the deceased (if there are no children or spouse)
  • Executor of the deceased's estate (if there is no spouse, children, or living parents)

What Compensation Can be Recovered?

In a Georgia wrongful death lawsuit, survivors of the victim may be able to pursue compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Pain and suffering for the estate of the deceased
  • Compensation for the deceased's suffering, prior to his or her death
  • Loss of future work wages
  • Loss of relationship compensation for a child, spouse, or parent
  • Loss of work and retirement benefits
  • Possible punitive damages

Why Do I Need An Attorney?

  • Insurance companies may try to take advantage of a grieving family by making a fast settlement while the bereaved are still in shock from the unexpected loss.
  • You need the assistance and guidance of an experienced and professional attorney to protect your interests and help ensure that full and fair compensation is received for the loss of your loved one.

How Much Does It Cost to bring a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

All of the work we do related to wrongful death lawsuits is based on a contingency fee, also called "no win, no fee." In other words, our clients do not pay anything unless we obtain a recovery for them through a settlement or verdict.

How Much Does It Cost to Speak to an Attorney?

It costs you nothing. Contact us today: (404) 939-1130 to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose CD Squared?

A family that has suffered a wrongful death has rights that should be respected. The negligent party should be held accountable for the damages they caused. Monetary damages cannot replace the loss of a loved one, but it can provide a means for a family to continue to live in the fashion to which it was accustomed, to assure a college education for the children, and to provide medical and other necessities and comforts of life to help face an uncertain emotional future.

Insurance companies may try to take advantage of a grieving family by making a fast settlement while the bereaved are still in shock from the unexpected loss. Most likely, a settlement made under these circumstances will be grossly inadequate. We have the right combination of strength and compassion to work with you and your family when you are most in need.

Most wrongful death attorneys hire another lawyer to handle the estate-related matters. CD Squared handles everything from start to finish, so that you have one point of contact throughout this trying process. We file lawsuits on behalf of parents, spouses or children of the deceased, and counsel the family member who serves as executor or administrator of the estate.

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, you must take action within limited period of time or you will lose your right to seek recovery. If you wish to find out more about your legal rights, don’t delay.

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